The award-winning EventHalo team are based in Van Morrison's old office in Bath, England.

With over 100 years of software development experience automating business processes, EventHalo is the embodiment of industry best practice.

Helping events of all shapes and sizes, from corporate C-suite private functions to massive music festivals, from craft markets to county fairs, EventHalo gets your processes automated - bookings, applications, recruitment, orders, everything.


EventHalo is an ecosystem. It is the hub for event organisers to manage their processes and data. All the EventHalo apps share their data and your app can submit and pull this data too, becoming a native part of the ecosystem.

EventHalo is also open. You can connect up apps that have overlapping features, such as ticketing, registration or project management. Or you can treat it as a marketing channel and benefit from our access to a wide range of events.

Contact us to request access to the API, documentation, and free developer support.

Welcome to the community!