The app suite for festivals, markets, exhibitions & trade shows

EventHalo is the smart way to plan, manage and analyse your events. Designed to satisfy the needs of outdoor events, exhibitions and trade shows, it's used by music festivals, food fairs, & sporting shows through to farmers markets and craft fairs.

Vendors & Exhibitors

A complete online booking process: create forms, open applications, take deposits, allocate passes, issue invoices, manage extras, track payments.

Tickets & Guest Lists

Manage all aspects of tickets and accreditation: encrypted e-tickets, box office software, advance merch sales, guest lists, parking, hospitality, and entourage.

MealWheel & Catering

Meals vouchers for crew, volunteers, and performers. Printed or e-passes, hole punch or scan QR codes, as flexible as you want.

Supplies & stock control

Straight-through processing from multi-dept requisitions to procurement, RFPs, competitive tenders, web-based POs, delivery tracking, and mobile stock control.

Unified, integrated data

Your whole event in one unified database, in the palm of your hand. Processes that connect in real life, connect in the app. Unified messaging, email or SMS. All cashflows tracked.

Asset tagging & tracking

Automatic tagging of procured assets, track check-in and check-out, real-time GPS monitoring for buggies & plant, key sign out accreditation, personnel tracking.

Collaborate, automate, succeed.

EventHalo has beautiful modern design that makes everything easier, collaborating with colleagues, contractors and suppliers, not missing any important steps or messages, automating many workflows, making collection and payments really easy, and delivering simple effective reports about your event.

EventHalo is designed for event organisers. 
Being 100% location-enabled, plus working when your wifi doesn’t, is ideal for outdoor events. 
Handling delegated teams, outsourcing to production companies, workflows in the millions, automated BACS payments, audit trails and private instances, makes it especially good for large events.
(Small indoor event organisers are welcome too.)

Perfect for all kinds of events

Large outdoor events

Music festivals, regattas, county fairs, steam fairs, air shows, equestrian events, or any outdoor event into the tens of thousands is fully supported in the most important workflows, including reviewing high volumes of vendor applications, fully digital procurement, and integrated accreditation for public and crew.

Exhibitions & Trade Shows

Food festivals, sports and fitness shows, trade shows and large exhibitions benefit from our automated exhibitor booking, integrated accreditation, event budgeting and ordering, in one system, managing supplies and equipment, integrated cashflow management, seamless reporting across all roles and license compliance.

Repeating, regular events

Farmers markets, craft fairs, multi-site festivals, cultural events, comedy festivals and literature festivals, are all supported by comprehensive operational workflows in EventHalo, from booking attractions, reviewing concession applications, managing procurement, accrediting staff and volunteers, and managing websites and event apps.

EventHalo is for the planning stage, build up and tear down, show days, and after-the-event analysis.

Use it on your laptop, your iPhone, or your Android tablet.

It’s for organisers, production companies, performers, suppliers, vendors, contractors, volunteers, and attendees.
It’s for everyone, in any event.

Why integration saves money

“We already use Office, Dropbox, Paypal and webforms, and we have a great team who get everything done. What more do we need?”
Imagine working seamlessly with your colleagues, nothing typed in twice, data flowing to the right person at the right time, mailing campaigns ready-made with your data, payments tracked and reported, everything where you expect it. Out of the box.

Best-practice baked in

Every process has been tried and tested in the field and encourages best practice. Reduce errors and improve efficiency in every stage of event planning and execution.

End to end integration

Each booking or recruitment process generates demands in the procurement system, allocates tickets and passes, issues food and parking entitlements, issues payment demands, supports tracking on the real-time map, and outputs summary stats after the event.

Automatic infrastructure

Cashflows are all captured, whether in or out. Bookkeeping is almost automatic. All messages, texts, and status updates are available per workflow, per user or per counterparty. Everything bought or hired is tagged and tracked. Everything on site is accredited and accounted for.

EventHalo offers an open eco-system for 3rd party service providers to connect to the core event database and processing. A process that may seem small or unimportant by itself is transformed when it is integrated with the rest of your processes. EventHalo allows your favourite software and data services to pull or push into the system, making the whole event more valuable to you.

As used by

EventHalo works where you work

Web app on your laptop, Android and iOS apps for your phone or tablet. It works seamlessly online/offline when you’re at an event with limited data connectivity.