How much does EventHalo cost?

EventHalo offers the Event Organiser a truly free-to-use service,  achieved by offering 'processing fee' workflows in each app. You can choose whether to let your customer pay the processing fee, have the fee deducted from payments collected for you, or you can split it.

What are these processing fees?

EventHalo offers payment and data processing services. Both payment processing and data processing attract fees, and they may decline with sales volume.

How much does payment processing cost?

We offer one of the lowest price points for card processing in the market, at 1.65% plus VAT whether credit or debit cards are used.

How much does data processing cost?

We charge 4% plus VAT dropping to 2% for large or multiple campaigns, with a £500 floor per app.

Can we choose a fixed license fee instead?

Contact us to discuss tailored pricing options. We help reduce your cost of doing business and increase your throughput - so your additional revenue or reduced costs will be larger than our fees.